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Kofutu Personal Growth, Meditation and Spiritual Healing - Access deeper levels of spiritual understanding through the use of Kofutu symbols.  Kofutu symbols allow individuals to access their inner resources in order to accelerate growth, discovery and healing.
A Woman's Journey (USA) - Guide to free sources for spiritual growth on the internet.
Access: New Age (USA) - Lots of articles on all kinds of topics.
Adomin (USA) - Colours, articles, free tarot profile
After Death Communication (USA) - Info on communication, & help for those left behind.
Al's Cosmic Connections (Aust) - A good collection of esoteric & spiritual articles.
Altered States of Consciousness (USA) - Astral projection, OOBE's, #ASC Chat Line
ANAM Holistics (Ire) - Dowsing, divining and holistic healing.
Angels Healing (USA) - Complimentary Medicine for the poor.
Angels in Melbourne's Botanic Gardens (Aust.) - Lots of info and colourful illustrations.
AngelNet (USA) - Angels, astrology, dolphin movies, products, information, links.
Angel Paths (UK) - Free Tarot readings & information.
Applied Meditation Therapy (USA) - Meditation links & articles.
Ascordia Center of Light (USA) - Channeled spiritual messages.
Aspects & John Fitzsimons (Aust) - Discussion, past lives, healing, spiritualism, walk-ins
Association for Research & Enlightenment (USA) - Edgar Cayce information & resources
Astral Traveler (USA) - A graphically beautiful new age site.

Beyond the Rainbow (USA) - Metaphysical products, information, newsletter
Bliss Magazine (It) - Free online new age magazine.
Body Mind & Modem (USA) - A multi-media journey to inner peace practising Aikido.
Body, Mind & Soulhealer (USA) - Articles on health, disease, psychic abilities.
Body Readings (USA) - Learn to read your body.

Call To Ascend (USA) - Karen Danrich & Thomas Weber's Ascension Channelings, and course information.
Celestia WWW Server (USA) - 'American Spirit' newspaper, psychic studies, health info.
Celestine Prophesy Home Page (USA) - Where CP fans meet and exchange ideas
Clairvision School (Aust) - Information, courses, products, links.
Crystal Lady (USA) - Free advice, articles, angels, poetry & books for sale.
Crystal Links (USA) - Huge list of metaphysical links.
Crystal Resource Centre (USA) - Information on various crystals & birthstones.

Datre Net (USA) - Teachings & channelings of Datre, a universal being.
Dhama The Cat (Aust) - The thinking person's cartoon strip; plus humour and Buddhist information.
Dreamtime Numerology (Aust) - General & celebrity numerology, free and commercial services.
Dolphin Art (US) - from the talented brush of Carlos Aleman
Doug Ogilvie H.P. (Aust) - A New Age Gnostic Gospel.

Eagle's Wing Shamanism (UK) - Information, artices, workshops.
Ecruos (USA) - Articles, free online novel; DNA book & services.
Edgar Cayce Books International Database (USA)
Energy Information Centre (USA) - Channelings of sharman/healer Diana Manilova.
Era Of Peace (USA) - Personal & planetary transformation articles, newsletter, events etc.
Evenstar Creations (USA) - Soluntra King articles, extracts, mandalas, workshops.

Fountain International (UK) - Global Healing, network, info, articles, products.
Footbag Peace Initiative (USA) - Great for teens under peer pressure or anyone under stress.

Gaia Friends (USA) - Spiritual Chat & Messages                                                                                                                                   GlobalTransformation (USA) - Personal & planetary info, interviews, meditations.
Good Works on Earth (USA) - Lexigrams: learn about the power and beauty of words.
Guy Finley: Life of Learning (USA) - Self help book excerpts, regular chat, products.

Heartsong Centre for Expanded Consciousness (USA) - Psychic info, exercises, PSI-Q Test
Heaven (Ireland) - Go to Heaven and meet the angels.
Helene Rothschild (USA) - Metaphysical articles: relationships, healing, communication. (USA) - Articles, events, courses, products & information on hypnosis

I Am (Aust) - One man's inspirational fight against leukaemia; plus poetry, meditations etc.
Iasos (USA) - Articles, metaphysical info, art, colour, products.
Infinite Light Fellowship (USA) - Building worldwide Light Centres
Ingrid Bennet (NZ) - Channelings: Atlantis, past lives, poems, classes.
Inner Light Outer Wealth (USA) - Online Book to transform your life.
InnerSelf Magazine (USA) - Online magazine with articles
Innerspace (USA) - Articles, reiki, goods for sale.
International Society of Ascenders (Aust) - The ascension teachings of the Ishaya's.
Inward.Com (USA) - 'Shift' articles, meditation, radio
Inward Journey (USA) - Spiritual self-awareness, channeling, meditation, angels.
                                                                                 Invisible (USA) - Stargates, lightwork, events, 11:11

JoAn Greinert (USA) - Spiritual art gallery                                                                                                                  

Kamran & Mapa (USA) - Children's online 'new age' book.
Korton Communications (Aust) - Channelled info about 4th dimensional shift & South Pacific earth changes.
Kundalini Survival & Support (USA) - Kundalini awakening, spiritual abuse.

Large Salad City (UK) - New age penpals & partners, online I-Ching, real X-Files.
Lightworks (USA) - New age information, products, books, artwork

Mahatma (UK) - Merkabah, magic, reiki, Mahatma, Melchizedek etc.
Maitreya: Share International (USA) - Teachings of Maitreya, articles, newsletter, meditations
Man And The Unknown (Netherlands) - New Age History, paranormal (recorded) voices, Javanese Mysticism
Master Beinsa Douno (Belgium) - Teachings of a mystic philosopher.
Meditation Therapy (USA) - Meditation artices, poetry & resources.
Millennium Watch (Aust) - Positive articles and poetry.
Miracles Home Page (USA) - Miracles study course, newsletter
Montessori Education for Psychic Families (USA) - find out more!
Mystic Visions (USA) - Personal Development, Spiritual Growth, Free E-Zine, Discussion
Mystical World Wide Web (UK) - Large collection of links, articles & information.

Network 2012 (USA) - A resource for lightworkers and starseeds all over the planet.
New Age Directory (USA) - articles, personals, links.
New Age International (USA) - New Age articles and links.
New Age Mining Co. (USA) - A huge searchable resource of links & articles on all manner of topics.
New Age Web Works (USA) - Articles, travel, products
New Frontier Online (USA) - Magazine of Transformation with articles
New Paradigm Books - Bookshop with excerpts & articles.

On The Way (US) - An encounter with Jesus Christ
Oneness and Grace (USA) - Messages, poetry, gatherings.

Past Forward: Past Life Healing (USA) - Free exercises to heal your past life
Past Life Readings (USA) - Past Life and Sharmanic Journeys
Peaceful Spirits (USA) - Spiritual writings for peaceful spirits
phenomeNEWS (USA) - Online spiritual magazine with articles.
Planet Earth's Coming Attractions (USA) - Ascension, channeling, earth & spiritual changes.
Psyche Journal (Aust) - Journal of Research into Consciousness
Psychic Central (Aust) - Lots of psychic info for beginners
Psychic Encounters (UK) - Large paranormal & spiritulist site.

Reality Creation (USA) - Devoted to Seth, his ideas and concepts, articles & stories.
Robert Bruce's Astral Pulse (Aust) - Astral Travel, Astral Vision, poetry & stories
Rose and Peaches (USA) - Beautiful Buddha graphics, animated mandalas, recipes & more.

SagePlace: Journey to Wholeness (USA) - Gather & chat about spiritual matters, articles.
Salem New Age Center - Articles and meditations
Sayahda (USA) - Animal totems, channeling, teaching.
School of Spiritual Integrity (USA) - Spiritual articles and courses.
Scientific Spirituality (USA) - For those who seek to understand our cosmos.
Shamballa Gold (USA) - Opening the ancient portholes of Lemuria
Shambala Spiritual Magazine (NZ) - Spiritual articles, free magazine offer.
Shankar Gallery (USA) - Online spiritual art gallery.
Share International (USA) - Teachings of Maitreya, articles, newsletter, meditations
SpiritLink (USA) - Spiritual articles, Astrology, Numerology, Links
Spirit Network (USA) - Articles, events, classes, chat & more.
Spirit Talk Magazine (USA) - Contemporary dialogue for changing times!
Spirit to Spirit (USA) - Crystals, affirmations, guidance, articles, links.
Spiritual Light Foundation (Aust) - Spiritual teachings and messages - inspirational!
Starfire Servers (USA) - Personal peace, relationships, auras, newsletters
Starwoman's Advice (USA) - Free spiritual guidance using Ouija, Tarot & Astrology.
Stepping Stones (USA) - Articles, contest, downloads, backgrounds.
Sun Angel Innovations (USA) - New age & astrological articles, artwork & links
Survival After Death (UK) - Scientific proof of life after death.

2012 Unlimited (Aust) - Hale Bopp, Mayan Calendar, Ascension, Spiritual & UFO materials. 

The Calm Centre (Aust) - Meditation & calming techniques, healing, music.
The Dreamkeeper (USA) - Channeling on Earth Changes, Prophesy, Ascension
The Dreamtime (USA) - Free readings, Australian Indigenous culture, lots of bulletin boards & mailing lists.
The Glastonbury Archive (UK) - A repository of free online books.
The Inner Journey (Aust) - Free online books by Adrian Newington
The Insight -  A new search engine data base that is for the one's that search for alternatives.

The Journals (USA) - A Message from the Council of Ancients
The Meaning of Life (USA) - Some timely advice for all life's situations.
The Miracles Page (USA) - Huge list of miracles, angels and other wonders.
The Monthly Aspectarian (USA) - Online New Age Magazine with Articles & Stories
The Natural Child Project (USA) - Parenting advice, child care, art & more.
The New Earth (USA) - The Ascension of Planet Earth - excellent free online book.
The New Earth - An entire book of spiritual and metaphysical information
The Prophet's Candle (USA) - Poetry for the soul.
The Sacred Labyrinth (USA) - Labyrinths, meditation, sacred sites.
The Secret of I (Aust) - Spiritual articles & links.
The Share Guide (USA) - Articles on holistic health, environmental awareness, links etc.
The Spiritual School of Ascension (USA) - Karen Danrich channelings, events and courses.
The Teachings of Zareth (Can) - Messages from a spiritual being.
The Omega Foundation (USA) - Leadership & tools for living the new age now.
The Organization for White Time Healing (Sweden) - Lessons on Healing, & ET information.
The Original Tarot Web Page (USA) - Free on-line Tarot Readings
The Zoo Fence (USA) - Spiritual newsletter with a selection of articles.                                                                                                   Tom Chase (USA) - Shroud of Turin, Hale-Bopp, Astrology, Prophesies.
Triangles of Light Newsletter (USA) - A three-person meditation method to help humanity.
Trust Synchronicity (USA) - James Redfield's own Celestine site with Insights, news products, art etc.

Vibrani's One Source (USA) - Articles, Poetry, Lots of Channeling                                          

Walk-Ins Around The Globe (USA) - Articles, experiences, gatherings.
Whispers On The Wind (USA) - Exploring cultural beliefs on the existence and future of humanity.
Wholistic World Vision (USA) - Global Network for Planetary Transformation. (USA) - Online oracle, Demon Finder, I-Ching, Bulletin Board, Horoscope & more
Web Prophesy Page (USA) - Free online readings by Tarot, Runes, I-Ching etc.
World Light Center (USA) - Lots of articles on Ascension, Metaphysics, Healing; & Poetry
World Wide Online Meditation Center (USA) - Learn meditation online.

Your Ascension (Aust) - Articles, channelings & products, books, tapes.