Introduction to my book Spirit Rises and what has been written about it.


Open your window to the world of life after death.

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This is what has been written about my book Spirit Rises.

Life’s most profound mysteries have inspired great thinkers throughout the ages, but few answers have emerged to address these major questions: Why are we born? What is the meaning of life? What happens to us after we die? Is there life after so-called human death? Can we ever hope to have the answers to these important questions? Even the pursuit of answers stirs up controversy; some will say that the questions should never be asked.

Author Terence Hamilton-Morris, a clairvoyant and open medium, offers his insights into these mysteries. His approach is controversial, enlightening, and confrontational. He invites us to look at these questions from a broader spectrum of possibility and encourages us to look more intently at subjects that we are often instructed to ignore. He challenges followers of all religions to be truthful to their original teachings. He stresses the importance of discipline, motivation, and respect for others, and he hopes to inspire us to take better care of our environment.

Spirit demanded that Terence listened and shared what was said to him from the Spirit world. Each of whom has chosen to share their experiences, insights, and teachings from beyond, based on their own experiences from their time on Earth. Because of his extraordinary relationship to the world of Spirit, he wants the world to be able to read what Spirit demanded of him.

Terence M. Hamilton-Morris has spent more than half of his life working as a clairvoyant and an open medium, working with Spirit. Now in his seventies, he is a teacher of psychic development, a healer, and a lecturer on the world of Spirit. He currently lives in Australia.


Introduction and who I am.

I have written this book so that everyone will understand that they are also Spirit and that every human being is important to this world, regardless of their beliefs. The book is based on talks that were given through me over the period of two years, about 170 in total, half of which are now in this book. Some of them were given by Spirit guides who always work through me; others were given by other Spirit guides who wanted to talk about their last human life and what we can learn from their experiences. The subjects of their talks should overcome any doubts you have regarding life and the hereafter.  

They talk about what happens to you after the human death. The lessons of a person’s life and whether you pay for your bad deeds in this life or in another. They talk about forbidden subjects such as incest, abortion, euthanasia, suicide and homosexuality, which some of them experienced in their last human lives. They talk about our world, about their world and about religion; one who lived in Atlantis talks about her life before and after the disaster that happened to her world.  

In the world of Spirit there are no language barriers whatsoever. A Spirit who was Russian in their previous life, and has never known any other language, can talk through a medium who only understands the English language. Spirit will use the mind, the body, the voice and the language of the medium in order to talk.

Who am I? I was born in England in 1942 and my parents were working class. My mother was a book-keeper as in accounting and my father a lorry (truck) driver. My mother became a proficient card reader using only normal playing cards. My father due to his intuition of life became the most reliable clairvoyant that I have ever experienced. But I initially chose not to follow that path.  

I left school at 15 with only a very basic education and this left my options for work very limited. I was a labourer in a timber company then became a semi-trailer driver and eventually I became a warehouse manager.  

In 1966 I was impressed with a book called Bring out the Magic in Your Mind by Al Koran who was born in East London, England in 1914 and left this Earth plane aged 58.

In 1974 I came to Australia for a better life and started all over again. I worked as a labourer in warehouses and then became a shop steward for 170 personnel in a food distribution warehouse. In that same period I started up my own industrial cleaning company where I eventually employed 35 staff.

I became interested in Numerology and studied books called Numerology - The Romance in Your Name by Doctor Juno Jordan, The Numerology Kit by Carol Adrienne, Numerology The Complete Guide volumes 1 and 2 by Mathew Oliver Goodwin.

I eventually studied religions and was disappointed with their theories on life and the hereafter; they made no sense to me at all. I then read two books by Helena P. Blavatsky who was born in South Russia in 1831 and left this Earth plane aged 59. The first was Isis Unveiled which discusses religion and esoteric philosophy, the second was The Key to Theosophy which she herself helped to create in regard to The Theosophical Society. She was in her life, and still is today, a very controversial person. No matter what is said about her she helped to open the door to the world of Spirit.  

I eventually joined a Spiritualist society that held psychic development classes. It was during this time that I met a gentleman by the name and title of the Reverend George Eldred who was for 28 years the president of The Victorian Spiritualist Union in Australia. He was a trance medium, a healer, a clairvoyant as in psychometry and a teacher of psychic development. He also lectured on the world of Spirit.

This man became my mentor. I listened, I questioned and I learned. Because of his patience and guidance, I am what I am today: an open medium that is able to work with Spirit with all mental and physical faculties working, a teacher of psychic development, a healer, a numerologist and a lecturer on the wonderful world of Spirit. When he died in December 2002 I lost my mentor or so I thought. In 2005 he again entered my life as a Spirit to become one of the Spirit teaching guides who work through me.

I do not want to die knowing that I never gave my all regarding the truth about Spirit, the human being and life after death. I believe that whatever you learn in this life should be for the benefit of all human beings, not just yourself.

What possessed me to write this book?

Many people have asked me, why did you write this book and what set you off on such an enormous quest?  It beggars belief for most human beings and it’s a bloody hard question to answer. I didn’t ask for it; I was just told to do it.

In June 2006 I was 64 years old and living in a place called Bickley, in the Perth Hills in Western Australia. I was quite happy looking after the house and land. Every week, from Monday to Friday, I used to drive another person from Bickley to the Woodside Plaza in St George’s Terrace in Perth. After dropping them off, I’d have a cappuccino in the Coffee Pump, inside the Woodside Plaza, before driving back home to Bickley.

One Sunday evening I picked up a short message from the world of Spirit. The message was simply: “Take your lap-top”. Yes, that’s all the message was; nothing else. By the time I went to bed I’d forgotten all about it. Then, on Monday evening I received the same message: “Take your lap-top”. Again I let the message go and did nothing. On Tuesday evening I received the message again, but this time I placed my lap-top against the front door so I couldn’t forget it.

The following morning my passenger asked me, “Why are you taking your lap-top?” I replied “Because I was told to”. I dropped them off at the Woodside Plaza and went into the Coffee Pump for my regular cappuccino.

I sat down and opened up my lap-top and switched it on. There I was, sitting, sipping on my cappuccino, with lots of people coming and going; and I just sat there, waiting for something to happen. I thought to myself: well, what am I supposed to do?

It was then that I got the message from Spirit: “Just start typing”. Now you have to understand one thing: I can only type with two fingers and I never know what to write. But then I got told: “Why not just start typing about where you are now; your surroundings?” So I did; and this is what I typed:

Today I am sitting in the Coffee Pump cafe in the city of Perth, drinking a cappuccino, and wondering: what am I going to be told to write about? With this thought in mind, I am watching the people going to and from work.  They all seem to be wearing dark clothes and have grey faces. I know it’s raining, but I don’t see one person with a smile on their face; they all look like their morning is downright miserable. These people are walking past each other and not one of them smiles at anyone else. You might say that they have nothing to smile about; but I say, “Yes they have: they are alive and they appear to have all their faculties about them. They are healthy, they can see with their eyes, they can feel with their hands, they can walk and talk. How lucky can they be? When are you going to stop feeling sorry for yourselves and start to enjoy the life you have?”  And that was when the Spirit of my mentor joined in:

George:  Good morning! I am one of the many Spirit guides who work through Terence –who I sometimes call Terry, Terence or his lordship.

You all have, as far as you know, only one life. Believe me, you have many lives to live; but at the moment we are only concerned with this life that you are experiencing now. Take a look at the life that you are living – I know that you have to work for a living so you can pay for the things that you want, but do you have to treat your wants as a god? If you are going to do this, then why not treat your own body and mind as gods?  They are far more important than the material things of life. If your body is sick, then so is your mind; and if you are sick in mind, then you cannot think or work properly. So why not start to look after yourself?

“Ah yes,” you say, “but I have a family to look after and feed, and a mortgage to pay.” But I say this: if you are sick, you cannot work. I have seen how some of you are and how well you think you are doing. But I don’t think so!

I have seen so many people who put their heart and soul into their work – people who became slaves to their jobs. These people, who did so much for those who employed them, never reaped the rewards because they died of stress. All that time and energy gone to waste! They never had the chance to enjoy what they worked so hard for. They worked for others and they never took time for themselves.

You sacrifice yourself for your work. You sacrifice yourself for your family. You choose to sacrifice yourself for them, so why not sacrifice yourself to the self? Give time to yourself for just a little while. Once you are dead, you are no good to the living, are you?

As Spirit we are invincible, but your human life is short. You are on this Earth plane to learn the lessons that you, your Spirit, has requested. Allow yourself to learn these lessons without the obstacles that you seem determined to place in front of them. Do not forget that you are Spirit as Spirit is you.

It is your life, so enjoy it; don’t waste it and don’t blame others if it is not going the way you want. If you are miserable, you have only yourself to blame. You control your life; nobody else.

You need to spend a little time with yourself, with the self. Give us, Spirit, just a little bit of time in your life by being with yourself. Give yourself the opportunity to improve the self. Do not shirk your responsibility to yourself, because the self is your life.

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